Linda Thorson sexy – video


The adventurous Canadian-born actress, who would invariably be known as the brunette dish who replaced Diana Rigg on the ...

Linda Thorson

This is a very nice video editing about the great actress Linda Thorson ( Tara King in "The Avengers" ) . You can see lot of ...

The Avengers Introducing Tara King

Original trailer for the Tara King (Linda Thorson) episodes of the Avengers, narrated by Patrick Macnee.

Tara King 1

Fight in dojo against black belt man.

Hot Temps: Tara King

Tara King is this week's hot temp. We go down on the farm as Tara discovers the joys of squeezing the teats and feeding the ...

Thorson In Tie (The Avengers)

Someone kidnap Linda Thorson and made she wear shirt and tie while sleeping.


Diana's entry in Channel 4's TOP TV SEX BOMBS List, interviewees include Patrick Macnee, Honor Blackman, Linda Thorson and ...

Linda Thorson as Tara King has a fight in a tank of milk!

From the Avengers episode "False Witness"

Frankie Howerd,The Howerd Confessions Episode 2,

Frankie Howerd,The Howerd Confessions Episode 2,Stars Frankie Howerd&Caroline Munro.

The Avengers Best Fight Scenes

Voici la toute denière version de mon montage The Avengers Best Fight Scenes avec une qualitée très superieure.

The Avengers - The Perils of Emma Peel

The writers of the British TV series The Avengers came up with the most creative and entertaining ways to endanger the life of the ...

Mrs Peel, We're Needed The Avengers

John Steed became the focus of the series and was the main character, partnered by a succession of assistants. His most famous ...

Avengers - Tara King KO'd with sleeping gas

A compilation of the sleeping gas scenes from the Avengers' episode: The Morning After.

The Avengers: Emma Peel & The Kinks

Karate chops, flips, and just being gorgeous...Mrs. Peel rocks out to the Kinks.

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