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You're All Covered Up. Get a Sexy Lingerie Makeover! - Ricki Lake Show

Men fed up with the women in their lives that refuse to dress in sexy lingerie clothes, get their with fulfilled with lingerie ...

Ricki Lake- Sexy Men in Uniform US Marine

Here s a copy of the Ricki Lake- I want a man in unifirm episode 3/4/95 feature a very handsome and sexy US Marine.

You Knew Me As A He, Now I'm A Gorgeous She! - Ricki Lake Show

Friends and family members find out that their loved ones aren't exactly who they think they are.

Ricki's International Manhunt! - Ricki Lake Show

Ricki searches for the hottest international hunk around the world!

Blue Collar Hunk Search! Turn Up The Heat! - Ricki Lake Show

Check out the muscled men on today's show... we bet it won't be that easy to pick your favorite!

Bald Babes - Ricki Lake Show

Bald guests say bald is beautiful.

Weave Wars II - Ricki Lake Show

It's the second installment of the "Weave Wars". Who will win the contest for having the best weave of them all?

Operation Makeover: Girl You Look Like Hell! - Ricki Lake Show

Friends and family members get their wish... Mad Max makeovers!

Yuck! How Can You Wear That To The Beach (Part 1)! - Ricki Lake Show

Friends and relatives finally tell today's guests they need to cover up their beachwear!

X Rated Sex Tips! - Ricki Lake Show

Get some hot and steamy tips to spruce up your love life! And, catch a laugh as a guest calls Ricki, Jenny!

Ricki Lake on The Tamron Hall Show

Ricki sits down with talk show host Tamron Hall for an episode of "The Talk Show Titans". Ricki and Tamron discuss Ricki's talk ...

The Best of The Ricki Lake Show: Premiere Flashback

Step back in time to September 13th, 1993 to revisit some of your favourite fun and emotional moments from the original Ricki ...

Higlights of men - Ricki Lake

Higlights of men - Ricki Lake.

America's Sexiest Firemen (1994)

This is a daytime TV show episode from February 1994 featuring a search for "America's Sexiest Firemen". The editor of Playgirl ...

Give Up Your Idol Dream! - Ricki Lake Show

They say they can sing. Their friends and family say they can't. So, can they? Ricki's panel of judges will decide.

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